Meet & Collab

Bhive11 at Mohan Estate

Beautiful- The aesthetic interiors and casual design give it a nice edge and make it visually appealing.

Happening- Bored of your traditional workplace? Gift yourself a Happening Worklife only at Bhive.

Interactive- Be a part of the Bhive community and explore the excellent collaboration & networking opportunities under the same roof.

Vibrant- A perfect combination of minimalist yet bright & colorful workspace to enhance your creativity and brings the best out of you.

Energetic- With a very young clientele, the workplace always seems to be full of energy and you can feel that in the atmosphere.


  • Flexi(Per Seat)

    INR 3,199*

  • Fixed(Per Seat)

    INR 5,500*

  • 2 Seater Cabin

    INR 18,000*

  • 3 Seater Cabin

    INR 24,000*

  • 4 Seater Cabin

    INR 32,000*

  • 6 Seater Cabin

    INR 45,000*

  • 10 Seater Cabin

    INR 75,000*

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Designed for New Normal

Our worlplace follow all the guidelines recommended by WHO, We are committed to give paramount safety to all coworkers

coworking space in mohan industrial area

Frequent Cleaning

Frequent Cleaning is a new normal now. Implementing excellent workplace hygiene.
coworking space in mohan industrial area

coworking space in mohan industrial area

Protective Gears

Providing protection kits, Placing hand sanitizers, masks and wipes around the office.
coworking space in faridabad

coworking space in mohan estate

Daily Temprature Screening

Daily temperature checks to help prevent the spread of infection.
coworking space in mohan estate

coworking space in mohan estate

Social Distancing

Maintaining sufficient distance, rearrange seating arrangement.
coworking space in mohan estate

coworking space in mohan estate
Worried about the commute of your staff? BHIVE11 Mohan Estate could be your next workspace! With its being a 5minutes walk from Badarpur Metro Station, the place is very much accessible for both private vehicle owners and metro commuters.
At BHive 11, we invariably promotes healthy work culture that helps you construct networks. With a shared work environment such as BHive 11, you can create new ventures, manufacturers or brands. Lay down better opportunities for your respective businessess. Our Team will always be there to coordinate with you in every possible scenario.
Work hard, play harder it's not a cliché it’s one of our values. Everyone is welcome in Bhive 11, we celebrate each other and support each other. Culture is a catalyst for engagement, collaboration and innovation. When culture and business goals align, employees are more engaged which yields higher returns. Beyond engaging employees for the sake of revenue, a healthy culture fosters collaboration and innovation.
Future-proof your business in these times of uncertainty with our flexible lease options and spaces for your every need. Our safety measurements and regular safety check let you carry out you day to day business without any fear.
Being situated at one of the most prominent commercial locations in South Delhi gives you access to many resources. Also, it's being one of the most happening places in South Delhi and Asia's biggest IT products' market adds to the perks.